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AI Company Co-Founder Addresses Ethics of Tom Cruise ‘Deepfake’ Videos

That, however, may be a challenge, Graham said, because AI-generated content such as deepfakes could be crossing an ethical line. Deepfakes are a...

Synapse Token Surges 44% as Cross-Chain Momentum Builds

The Synapse (SYN) token is trading at a five-month high of $1.22 following a 44.74% move to the upside over the past 24-hours. Source...

AllianceBlock Token Plunges 51% After $5M Exploit of Bonq DAO

AllianceBlock has paused all activity on its bridge following the attack, which occurred Wednesday afternoon. During the exploit a Polygon wallet accessed 112...

Bitcoin Netflows At Neutral Values As Market Reaches Balance

Data shows Bitcoin exchange inflows and outflows have reached a stalemate as netflows aren’t leaning in any particular direction. Bitcoin Demand Possibly Slowing Down...