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First Mover Americas: Network Update Lifts AVAX

The latest price moves in bitcoin (BTC) and crypto markets in context for Feb. 2, 2023. First Mover is CoinDesk’s daily newsletter that...

Bitget Announces Winners of Hero Trader Awards 2022

Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, has announced the winners and conclusion of its Hero Trader Awards 2022 competition. The event was organized to...

EthBoy NFT Painting Continues to Evolve With Fourth Edition

Async Art allows creators to make digital art that changes over time and responds to external data and stimuli. Each day, the painting...

Sandbox’s SAND Surges 90% Since Start of Year Ahead of Token Unlock

Token unlocks, which are usually considered bearish events, appear to be having little effect on the price of The Sandbox’s SAND token in...