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Bitcoin Netflows At Neutral Values As Market Reaches Balance

Data shows Bitcoin exchange inflows and outflows have reached a stalemate as netflows aren’t leaning in any particular direction. Bitcoin Demand Possibly Slowing Down...

Cardano-Based Djed Stablecoin Attracts 27M ADA Tokens as Reserve Backing

Djed started on Tuesday and has a collateral backing ratio of 600% at the time of writing. Source link

Artists Weigh In on the Battle Over NFT Creator Royalties

“No other industry was affected by piracy like music was in the early 2000s,” Guerrero said, explaining that royalty payments suffered as streaming...

New Record: Half Of Bitcoin Supply Hasn’t Changed Hands In 2 Years

Bitcoin has experienced a bullish trend in 2022, which is reflected in the number of BTC held in storage. Savings or long-term storage...