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Gcore Joins Forces With Super Protocol Right Before The Testnet Phase Two Launch

Web3 confidential computing platform developer Super Protocol and the international leader in public cloud and edge computing services Gcore announce a partnership that adds new...

Powell to Trigger ‘Healthy Pullback’ in Bitcoin, Experts Say

"There is a strong possibility that in the press conference, Powell will be more hawkish and re-tighten financial conditions. For that reason, we...

Enigmatic Smile India appoints MS Dhoni as its Indian brand ambassador

Enigmatic Smile, a Reward Technology Facilitator, has onboarded former Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni as its brand ambassador for India. The firm’s technology;...

What Is the Ethereum Blockchain’s Shanghai Hard Fork, and Why Does It Matter?

But in addition to accessing locked up funds, the PoS blockchain has not been fully featured ever since it went live. Even though...