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Bitcoin ETF Approval Comparable to 'Naked Emperor’s New Clothes,’ ECB Officials Say

The U.S. SEC’s approval of multiple spot ETFs and the billions of dollars that have poured in since doesn't make Bitcoin a good...

The Latest Tech News in Crypto and Blockchain

Feb. 22: Meso, a payment platform connecting banks and blockchains, announced it has raised $9.5 million in a seed round, co-led by Solana...

U.S. Treasury’s OFAC Bans Crypto Addresses Tied to LockBit Ransomware Group From Financial System

"The LockBit ransomware variant, like other major ransomware variants, operates in the 'ransomware-as-a-service' (RaaS) model, in which administrators, also called developers, design the...

Ethereum ICO Whale Cashes Out After ETH Price Hits $3,000: Bearish?

Lookonchain data on February 20 shows that an Ethereum whale and one of the early investors who participated in the 2014 Initial Coin Offering (ICO)...