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How Crypto Advocacy Must Change Post-FTX Collapse

One key lesson of 2022 is that “money crypto” and “tech crypto” need to be treated differently. Money crypto in this context includes...

Tesla Suffers $140 Million BTC Loss, SEC Filing Shows

In February of 2021, Tesla revealed its intention to sell automobiles using Bitcoin, prompting the price of the cryptocurrency to skyrocket, while also...

Crypto-Focused VC Firm Pantera’s Liquid Token Fund Lost 80% in 2022

The fund started to navigate much of the portfolio away from altcoins and into ether (ETH) in the late spring, Pantera co-chief investment...

First Mover Americas: Bankrupt With $1.4B Cash

The latest price moves in bitcoin (BTC) and crypto markets in context for Feb. 1, 2023. First Mover is CoinDesk’s daily newsletter that...