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OP Token Surges 25% as Optimism Foundation Proposes ‘Bedrock’ Upgrade

"One of the big narratives of 2023 looks to be Layer 2's and the only way to get direct exposure to them right...

Initial Coin Offerings Deserve a Rethink

ICOs do not deserve their bad reputation – and can be a viable way for retail investors to take part in the growth...

Why Crypto Is Not an ‘Industry’

Skimming through the main crypto news sites this morning, there are articles about crypto exchanges, non-fungible token (NFT) platforms, decentralized lenders, game developers,...

Enigmatic Smile launch India’s first ever card-linked-offers app – NDTV Big Bonus.

Shortly after announcing their ground-breaking technology partnerships with both Pine Labs and Innoviti, Enigmatic Smile has today announced its first major distribution partner, NDTV. “NDTVConvergence...