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Investors Pump Money Into Crypto Funds Amid Pickup in Market Sentiment

Multi-asset investment products saw outflows for the ninth consecutive week, worth $6.4 million. “This suggests investors are preferring select investments. This was evident...

Lido DAO Governance Token Down, Staked Ether Price Stable, as Withdrawal Proposal Comes Into...

“Gentle, quick and responsible, the Rabbit is the fourth animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese horoscope. Together with yin water, this...

Coinbase Exec Says Institutional Investors Still Into Crypto Post-FTX

David Duong, the crypto exchange’s head of institutional research, says the collapse of FTX didn’t lead to a pullback from investors. Source link

Ripple Sold $226M of XRP in Q4; Sees Strong Growth in On-Demand Liquidity Product

Meanwhile, Ripple said that XRP spot markets experienced a general downtrend by way of average daily volumes at roughly $700 million, down from...