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Ethereum Developers to Launch New Testnet ‘Zhejiang’ for Simulating ETH Withdrawals

This new testnet, which will go live at 10 a.m. ET (15:00 UTC), will provide the ability to test staked ETH withdrawals (EIP-4895)....

Independent FTX Examiner Could Cost Crypto Exchange $100M, Court Told

“We do not have enough money to pay back all of our creditors and the U.S. Trustee … says that we should spend...

DekaBank Selects Swiss Crypto Specialist Metaco to Steer Digital Asset Offering

“Digital assets are a critical part of the future, a radical new way for how assets will be represented, from currencies to real...

UK Finance Ministry to Propose Broad Rules for Crypto, Invites Industry Feedback

The Treasury also gave crypto companies a time limited exemption to approve their own crypto promotions until more regulation comes. Source link