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Lido DAO Governance Token Down, Staked Ether Price Stable, as Withdrawal Proposal Comes Into...

“Gentle, quick and responsible, the Rabbit is the fourth animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese horoscope. Together with yin water, this...

We’re Trying to Make California’s DMV More Efficient With Blockchain

A proof-of-concept testnet conducted last week shows how the partnership's with the state agency can succeed, according to Smith. "The administration out there...

What's Holding DAOs Back?

The founder of CityDAO weighs solutions to decentralized autonomous organizations’ coordination and regulatory problems. Source link

South Korean Prosecutors Arrest Executive Linked to Crypto Exchange Bithumb: Report

South Korean prosecutors had sought Kang's arrest last week along with two other executives including his younger sister, Kang Ji-Yeon, the CEO of...