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Red Pill Studio Announces Private Round for TrainCraft Game

Following the positive reception of the in-development Metaverse game Chimeras, RedPill Studio has announced a private funding round for an up-and-coming game TrainCraft. A...

Fed Policy Win Could Harm Bitcoin’s Wall Street Narrative

The January rebound in equities and knockout employment report may have undermined a few buy-bitcoin narratives, but the real value proposition behind bitcoin...

Doodles 2 NFT Mint Opens, Dooplicators Price Soars on OpenSea

The Doodles 2 collection allows users to create custom wearables for their original Doodles avatars on the Flow blockchain. Source link

India Keeps Restrictive Crypto Tax Rules In 2023 Budget

India has kept its restrictive crypto tax rules unchanged in 2023. In fact, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman did not mention crypto, virtual digital...