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Crypto Custody Firm Copper Alerted to Security ‘Incident’ Over Christmas

“The subsequent investigation determined that Copper hadn’t suffered any breach or business interruption and that no client information had been compromised,” Copper said...

Fidelity Investment's Head Of Institutional Crypto Exits Role

Chris Tyrer joined Fidelity Digital Assets as its first U.K. employee four years ago. Source link

The =nil; Foundation Says Its New Software Is Rocket Fuel for Zero-Knowledge Developers

LLVM, which stands for “low-level virtual machine,” refers to a set of open-source code libraries that developers use to “compile” their human-readable code...

Bitcoin, S&P 500 Close In on Bullish 'Golden Cross' Signal

In the past, bitcoin's big rallies have started with a golden cross, but not all golden crosses have led to a big rally. Source...