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Red Pill Studio Announces Private Round for TrainCraft Game

Following the positive reception of the in-development Metaverse game Chimeras, RedPill Studio has announced a private funding round for an up-and-coming game TrainCraft. A...

US Senators Press Crypto Bank Silvergate on Ties to FTX: Bloomberg

In a letter sent to Silvergate on Monday that was viewed by Bloomberg, the senators asked Silvergate about its connections to the collapsed...

Philippines Securities Regulator Seeks Comment on Draft Crypto Rules

"It is the policy of the State to ensure that appropriate mechanisms are in place to protect the interest of consumers of financial...

Powell to Trigger ‘Healthy Pullback’ in Bitcoin, Experts Say

"There is a strong possibility that in the press conference, Powell will be more hawkish and re-tighten financial conditions. For that reason, we...