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UK Crypto Industry Celebrates Government’s Planned Exemptions for Crypto Ad Approvals

“I think that was a great win for the industry. I've lobbied for this and I know some of my clients have, industry...

Sastanaqqam Collaborates with Boosty Labs and Reverb to Create Revolutionary Blockchain-based Ecosystem

Sastanaqqam, a blockchain-based company, is collaborating with Boosty Labs, a leading Ukrainian blockchain development company, to create a whitepaper for their upcoming project, which...

Amazon Web Services Hiring to Pump Its Web3 Clientele

AWS has created purpose-built tools for blockchain companies who want to run either "centralized ledger database that maintains an immutable and cryptographically verifiable...

Bitcoin Miner Stronghold Digital Restructures Remaining $55M of Debt

Stronghold also signed a two-year deal with miner hosting company Foundry for 4,500 miners, totaling approximately 420 petahash/second in computing power with an...