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NFT Collection Cool Cats Rebrands to Expand its Reach Beyond Web3

“Whether you're using our PFPs or you're attending one of our events, or you're wearing merch, that is the emotional feeling that we...

Sri Lanka Central Bank Says Bitcoin Cannot Solve Economic Crisis

Billionaire investor Tim Draper got a more challenging reception than he anticipated when proposing Sri Lanka, a bankrupt nation, to Bitcoin. Draper was in...

Cardano-Based Djed Stablecoin Attracts 27M ADA Tokens as Reserve Backing

Djed started on Tuesday and has a collateral backing ratio of 600% at the time of writing. Source link

Bitcoin Market Sentiment Is Most Bullish in 14 Months With U.S. Jobs Report Due

The cost of holding a bullish long position in perpetual futures tied to bitcoin has jumped to the highest since the dizzy bull...