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Appeal Court Punts on Bankman-Fried’s Bid to Secure Release from Jail

The delay is the latest in a string of disappointments for Bankman-Fried, who has failed to secure the end of his pre-trial detention...

Bitcoin, Crypto Prices Little Changed as Federal Reserve Holds Interest Rates Steady

The pause in rate hikes had been overwhelmingly expected by market participants, who will now begin focusing on the U.S. central bank's next...

One Year After ‘The Merge’, Developers Tackle Validator Sprawl with EIP-7514

CROWD CONTROL: Ethereum has been so successful in attracting new validators for its proof-of-stake blockchain that the network is now starting to suffer...

Ethereum’s Holesky Testnet Fails To Launch, in Rare Tech Misstep for the Blockchain

Developers of the Ethereum blockchain say there was a misconfiguration in the genesis files of the test network, and now they plan to...