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Judge Makes No Ruling in SEC-Binance Document Dispute

Rather, Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui urged the two parties to work on the various discovery requests together, asking the SEC to narrow its...

One Year After ‘The Merge’, Developers Tackle Validator Sprawl with EIP-7514

CROWD CONTROL: Ethereum has been so successful in attracting new validators for its proof-of-stake blockchain that the network is now starting to suffer...

How Has The Fed’s Decision Impacted The Bitcoin Price? Crypto CEO Weighs In

The United States Federal Reserve’s decision has been on the radar of crypto investors given how the outcome has often affected the Bitcoin...

Bitcoin (BTC) Adoption Fund Launched by Nomura

"Technology is a key driver of global economic growth and is transforming a large part of the economy from analogue to digital," said...