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MetaQuiz Amplifies Digital Learning With Chainlink VRF Mega Jackpot Launch

This event, eagerly anticipated by the MetaQuiz community, has consistently met expectations. Each draw leverages Chainlink's Verifiable Random Function (VRF), guaranteeing provably random on-chain...

Project Venkman Wants You to Party with Bill Murray

Project Venkman is excited to announce the addition of a new membership tier in the Bill Murray 1000 Membership Program. The Bill Murray 1000...

Crypto Wants a De Minimis Tax Exemption in the U.S.

“Unlike traditional government-issued currencies, property does not enjoy a de minimis exemption. This is in contrast to how foreign currencies are treated, which...

Schrodinger, The New Memecoin Sensation Based On A Unique Quantum Cat, Announces Successful Launch

Schrodinger, an ERC-20 memecoin, was launched on September 21st. It saw an incredible price growth of 22,000% in just 24 hours as a tribute...