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Alpha Transform Holdings Announces Investment in Everscale Protocol (EVER)

Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH), a trailblazing digital asset organization dedicated to propelling the evolution of Web3, is thrilled to unveil its strategic collaboration with Everscale (EVER), a...

Ethereum Unveils Shiny New Testnet, What Does It Do

Ethereum developers have announced the launch of a new testnet for the Ethereum blockchain. The testnet is expected to be a superior version...

NFT Platform ImmutableX’s IMX Token Surges 35% With Upbit Leading Volume Growth

The price rally is accompanied by over 22% increase in the 24-hour global trading volume, which rose to $556 million. The IMX-Korean won...

Beyond the Hype: Why Sonorus is More Than Just Another Music Platform

Sonorus’ Innovative Approach to Redefine Music in the Digital Age Sonorus stands as more than just a Music Platform; it represents a revolution in the...