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Bitcoin (BTC) Adoption Fund Launched by Nomura

"Technology is a key driver of global economic growth and is transforming a large part of the economy from analogue to digital," said...

NEAR Foundation’s Marieke Flament Steps Down as CEO

“When I joined two years ago, NEAR had around 50,000 users, and now we have over 2.5 million daily active users,” Flament said...

Injective Unveils inEVM, A Groundbreaking Ethereum Rollup for Hyperscaling Multi VM Development

Injective, the blockchain built for finance, today announced the launch of inEVM, the first-ever Ethereum Virtual Machine capable of achieving true composability across Cosmos...

Bitget and Cobo Join Forces to Elevate Crypto Asset Security and Efficiency

Bitget, top cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and copy trading platform, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Cobo SuperLoop, an off-exchange settlement network by the renowned leader...