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BTC20X: Leading the Charge for Sustainable Cryptocurrency Innovation

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, BTC20X has emerged as a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and financial opportunity. Launched in September 2023, this cutting-edge project isn't...

Is Crypto-AI Really a Match Made in Heaven?

There’s lots of talk these days about how blockchains can make AI safe for human consumption. But is the idea, widely touted in...

Wemade welcomes two new US game developers to join top global blockchain gaming platform...

WEMIX PLAY to onboard Ballies, the innovative NFT project that combines sports, gaming & NFTs and immersive blockchain soccer management game, El Jefe Futbol Trading...

Bank of Japan a Major Source of Uncertainty, Crypto Volatility Trader Says

Once the BOJ begins policy normalisation, yen carry trades may unwind quickly, leading to increased cross-asset volatility. Source link