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Bank of Japan a Major Source of Uncertainty, Crypto Volatility Trader Says

Once the BOJ begins policy normalisation, yen carry trades may unwind quickly, leading to increased cross-asset volatility. Source link

Ethereum And Cosmos Compatible With A City, South Korea Wants To Make It Happen

A local report confirmed that Busan, the second most populous city in South Korea, plans to use the Ethereum and Cosmos for its...

Earn Alliance Launches the Biggest Web3 Game Mint Marathon: Over 40,000 Free NFTs...

Earn Alliance, the largest web3 game aggregator and discoverability platform, is excited to announce the first-of-its-kind Mint Marathon event. The event will span three...

Binance Is Supposedly Separate From Crypto Custodian Ceffu. The SEC Has Questions

Ceffu was launched in December 2021, originally as Binance Custody. It rebranded in February 2023, with a new name inspired by Binance’s Secure...