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CFTC Denies Kalshi’s Plan to Let Users Bet on Control of U.S. Congress

Regulators said the plans weren't in the public interest, after a court squabble involving rival service PredictIt Source link

Bank of Japan a Major Source of Uncertainty, Crypto Volatility Trader Says

Once the BOJ begins policy normalisation, yen carry trades may unwind quickly, leading to increased cross-asset volatility. Source link

EU’s MiCA Could Lead to Multiple Stablecoin Delisting, Binance Warns

“A lot of the stablecoin issuers will be, or will purport to be, completely decentralized, therefore without any point of decision or issuance”...

Blockchain Capital Raises $580M for 2 New Crypto Venture Capital Funds

Most of Blockchain Capital's limited partners are traditional institutional investors, including university endowments, private foundations, financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds and U.S. pension...