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UK Gov’s New Economic Crime Bill Could Help Cops Freeze Tainted Crypto Faster

"One area this will be used is on occasions where assets have been identified, significant links to criminality can be proven, but the...

Ethereum And Cosmos Compatible With A City, South Korea Wants To Make It Happen

A local report confirmed that Busan, the second most populous city in South Korea, plans to use the Ethereum and Cosmos for its...

EU’s MiCA Could Lead to Multiple Stablecoin Delisting, Binance Warns

“A lot of the stablecoin issuers will be, or will purport to be, completely decentralized, therefore without any point of decision or issuance”...

New York Regulator Seeks Tougher Norms For Adding, De-Listing Crypto Coins

Licensees would need to assess legal, reputational and market risks of any new coins, and they'd also have to set out how they...