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NFTs Aren’t Dead Just Yet (But the MSM Might Be)

To be sure, there is plenty of meat here and the headline isn’t completely wrong, at least judged by the loose standards of...

Crypto Trading Titans Are Yelling at Each Other on Elon Musk’s X

It’s all just words, of course, but the public quarrel is a reminder of DWF’s sudden emergence earlier this year. The company quickly...

European Crypto Asset Manager CoinShares (CS) to Enter U.S. Hedge Fund Market

"The long-awaited return of interest rate-driven volatility is a great opportunity that we plan to capture with our novel fund products," Lewis Fellas,...

U.S. CBDC Efforts Opposed in Legislation Advanced by House Republicans

“It will keep the United States behind other countries, including China, as a race forward to develop a global standard for central bank...