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Malta’s MFSA Seeks to Change Its Crypto Rulebook to Align With EU’s MiCA

MiCA, which takes effect in 2024, represents the world’s first comprehensive crypto regulation in a major jurisdiction, allowing service providers to operate across...

Bitcoin BTC Trading Volume at Binance Halves Amid SEC, DOJ Scrutiny; Coinbase (COIN) Benefits

“The ongoing DOJ and SEC cases vs. Binance may have dissuaded market makers from trading on Binance, explaining parts of the decline,” K33...

Introducing the New and Improved Evertwine: Revamped and Refueled!

Evertwine was well received, not only by their community, but by everyone; from their partners, friends, to content creators. Anyone who interacted with the...

Injective Unveils inEVM, A Groundbreaking Ethereum Rollup for Hyperscaling Multi VM Development

Injective, the blockchain built for finance, today announced the launch of inEVM, the first-ever Ethereum Virtual Machine capable of achieving true composability across Cosmos...