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CFTC Denies Kalshi’s Plan to Let Users Bet on Control of U.S. Congress

Regulators said the plans weren't in the public interest, after a court squabble involving rival service PredictIt Source link

Is Crypto-AI Really a Match Made in Heaven?

There’s lots of talk these days about how blockchains can make AI safe for human consumption. But is the idea, widely touted in...

Derivatives DEX Substance Exchange Announces Completion of Testnet Activity, Official Mainnet Launch Imminent

In recent days, Substance Exchange (SubstanceX), the decentralized derivatives exchange, is excited to announce the successful completion of its inaugural testnet event. Over the...

Crypto Wants a De Minimis Tax Exemption in the U.S.

“Unlike traditional government-issued currencies, property does not enjoy a de minimis exemption. This is in contrast to how foreign currencies are treated, which...