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EU's MiCA Rules Have Had Little Influence on the European Crypto Market, Regulator Says

The rules, which take effect at the end of the year, have yet to spur increased euro-based transactions in crypto markets. Source link

Proof of Security Summit 2024 Dubai

The impressive success of the 1st Edition of the Proof of Security Summit 2023 - India, held during India Blockchain Week, continues its journey....

MarginFi Leader Resigns on Fiery Day for Major Solana Lender

"The stale Oracle issues currently impact withdrawals, not deposits, I think, so it's leading to some accusations from users who feel that MarginFi...

The Crypto Professor: Decrypting Crypto through Education and In-depth Analysis

Ryan Miller, AKA ‘The Crypto Professor’ has been making significant strides in educating the public about blockchain technology and small cap investment opportunities. With...