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Beyond the Hype: Why Sonorus is More Than Just Another Music Platform

Sonorus’ Innovative Approach to Redefine Music in the Digital Age Sonorus stands as more than just a Music Platform; it represents a revolution in the...

NEAR Foundation’s Marieke Flament Steps Down as CEO

“When I joined two years ago, NEAR had around 50,000 users, and now we have over 2.5 million daily active users,” Flament said...

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Crypto Money Laundering Bill Gains Momentum as More Sign On

The wide-ranging bill, introduced in July, would – among other things – extend anti-money-laundering requirements from the Bank Secrecy Act to providers of...

Six And Counting: The Global Bitcoin Billionaire Phenomenon Unveiled

According to Henley & Partners’ 2023 Crypto Wealth Report, around 500 million people have made cryptocurrency investments globally, yet just 22 people—a very...