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Reserve Bank of New Zealand Starts Consultation on CBDC Digital Cash

New Zealand’s CBDC is undergoing a multi-stage and multi-year process, and the country has not decided to issue one yet, the consultation paper...

U.S. Senators Lummis, Gillibrand Take on Stablecoin Legislation With New Bill

The bill created a $10 billion limit for non-depository trust institutions to be able to issue payment stablecoins. Once the issuer exceeds that...

Airdrop Alert Presents New Opportunities for Farmers in Airdrop Season 2024

The Airdrop Alert team has unveiled a series of time-limited opportunities for its community. From the SocialFi sector to the staking and restaking hype,...

Decoded: Why Everyone’s Suddenly Googling ‘Bitcoin Halving’

The digital gold rush is back on. With the next Bitcoin halving event just around the corner, excitement in the cryptocurrency world has...