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Mango Markets Exploiter Avi Eisenberg Found Guilty of Fraud and Manipulation

Though Eisenberg’s defense team, headed by well-known crypto defense lawyer Brian Klein, argued that Eisenberg was acting within the law, prosecutors showed the...

DeFi’s Path to Mass Adoption Goes Through Fintech Firms, Centralized Exchanges, Morpho Labs Chief...

“TradFi has very little interest in moving to DeFi, to be frank, just because they have such an unfair advantage with their current...

Bitcoin Dips Below $62.5K as CoinDesk's BTC Trend Indicator Turns Neutral

CoinDesk Indices' Bitcoin Trend Indicator has been indicating a strong uptrend since last fall. Source link

Ether (ETH) Options Show Bias for Weakness Over 3 Months

The three-month ETH call-put skew flipped negative early today for the first time since January, indicating a bias for put options expiring in...