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SEC Accuses 2 Firms of Crypto Pump-and-Dump Scheme

The complaint alleges the two companies pumped the price of their cryptocurrency by falsely claiming they had acquired $10 billion in gold bullion...

Crypto and the ‘Law of the Horse’

There’s no such thing as "crypto law." So why are so many people studying it? This article is part of CoinDesk’s “Education Week.” Source...

Bitcoin Could ‘Double in Price’ Under CFTC Regulation, Chairman Behnam Says

“Non-bank institutions thrive on regulation, they thrive on regulatory certainty, they thrive on a level playing field,” Behnam added. “And they may...

I Made an NFT Collection to Represent My Student Loan Debt

I ruminated on this project for months before starting and I quickly realized that not only is the stigma behind having student loan...