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Is Global Turmoil The Secret Weapon For Bitcoin? Michael Saylor Thinks So

As global geopolitical tensions escalate, the cryptocurrency market finds itself in a precarious position, with Bitcoin, the flagship digital asset, facing a significant...

Hong Kong Boards the ETF Express

“A handful of $BTC and $ETH futures ETFs listed in Hong Kong in December 2022, and today, more than a year later, have...

Alpha Transform Holdings Releases March Report on ASC AI Index

Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH), a digital asset investment and advisory organization, released the March report on ASC AI Index (AAI). AAI tracks the price performance of...

Goldman Sachs Warns Against Extrapolating Previous Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Cycles for Bullish Price Predictions

More importantly, the macroeconomic environment on those occasions differed from today's high inflation, high-interest rate climate. Back then, M2 money supply of major...