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Tether, Circle Diverge on How to Tackle Global Patchwork of Stablecoin Rules

The two largest digital dollar providers have chosen different paths in dealing with a perceived lack of global clarity on stablecoin rules: Circle...

Has Option2Trade (O2T) Got A License?

In the realm of cryptocurrency and digital asset trading, legitimacy and trustworthiness are paramount considerations for investors and traders alike. With the proliferation of...

P2 Ventures Commits $50M Via Hadron FC to Startup Founders in Polygon Ecosystem

The investment by P2 Ventures will go to founders through Hadron FC, a founder program with campuses in Dubai and New York, according...

Is It A Bottom Signal?

On-chain data shows that Ethereum transaction fees have dropped to their lowest level since January, a sign that a bottom could be close. Ethereum...