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DMOS Revolutionizes Decentralized Computing Landscape with Groundbreaking Cloud Operating System

The DMOS (Demeter Cloud Operating System) project, led by Power Meta Corp’s CTO Chase Donahoe, unveils a revolutionary cloud operating system poised to reshape...

Crypto-Skeptic Sen. Sherrod Brown Is Open to Advancing Stablecoin Legislation, Bloomberg Reports

Congress has for years struggled to get any new laws passed for cryptocurrencies, providing greater clarity sought by both critics and proponents of...

USDe Holders Should Monitor Ethena Labs’ Reserve Fund to Avoid Risk, CryptoQuant Warns

Ethena Labs, the firm behind the USDe stablecoin, currently offers an annual yield of 17.2%, a rolling average over the past seven days,...

SFT Protocol Unveils Innovative Blockchain Solutions for Global Infrastructure

SFT Protocol, spearheaded by its visionary CEO Rufus Wright, recently announced its strategic initiatives and technological advancements designed to reshape the landscape of global...