The team at Solida World, a 3D basketball play-to-earn game, is pleased to announce the introduction of its P2E NFT game into the crypto and NFT communities. Solida World promises to revolutionize the way and manner gaming enthusiasts interact in the virtual world and connect with their peers. It also promises to offer an opportunity where NFT gamers will earn real-world money by competing and winning their opponents.

Read on to find out more information about this rare and unique NFT game.


The Solida World team worked with some of the best graphic designers in the world to develop the NFTs you see on the site. The NFTs are divided into 6 different performance levels: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. As a user, you can either design your own NFT to suit your playing style or you own any of the NFTs that the team has already designed and listed on the site. The good thing about the NFTs are that they are compatible with virtual realities.


Solida World will take the idea and concept of crypto tokens to a new level entirely. Since the project is unique and rare, Solida World intends to revolutionize the crypto world and take the market by storm.


Solida World has an NFT game in the metaverse. The game's beta version can be downloaded on Apple or Google PlayStores after completion. As you launch the game, you will be able to build your own NFT teams and play 1vs1 – 4vs4. The more your NFT teams are powerful, the higher your chances of winning your opponents to earn money.

Virtual Reality

Solida World is compatible with virtual reality; meaning, the features and exciting benefits that comes with VR games are also available when you play Solida World. Solida World lets you play, work, and connect with other enthusiasts in a virtual world.

Solida World Presale Details

Solida World is currently running an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which was launched on September 15th, 2022. The ICO is scheduled to end in the next 263 days. Here are the other details of the ICO:

  • Pre-Sale     Terms: First come, First 

  • Token     Symbol: SOLIS


  • Total     Number of Tokens: 10.000.000

About Solida World

Solida World is your journey to the moon. At its core, Solida World is a 3D basketball play-to-earn game. It's a rare and unique NFT that the world is yet to witness or experience. Solida World will give you an opportunity to earn real-world money by either purchasing the NFT and leaving it in your wallet to appreciate or exchanging the asset to earn a profit.

The team behind Solida World are men and women of impeccable characters and integrity. They have served in the blockchain and NFT spaces for several years, so they understand what it means to leverage the space to empower crypto enthusiasts.

The team partners with some of the best NFT graphic designers in the world to offer an NFT that the whole world will talk about on any social gathering. The project will feature NBA superstars as well. You will have the ability the upgrade their skills and also add things like tricks, abilities, jerseys, jewellery, and shoes. Adding these things will make your NFT very powerful.

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