The team behind Tank Wars Zone, a Play-to-Earn game, announced successful seed and private rounds of funding that raised $2.37M and IDO launches on January 18-22 at multiple launchpads.

Tank Wars Zone is a game with play-to-earn mechanics created in the genre of action tank battles. The player will have to explore the game world, collect enhancing gaming items, participate in battles with other players, raid on bosses, and use different mechanics for passive income, such as placing their NFT in staking. With its low-cost entry barrier, the game is affordable and accessible to players, especially for those in developing countries.

Players will have access to numerous classes of tanks with unique characteristics, such as health, armor, speed, etc. In addition, each tank can be improved with additional equipment. After battles, players will receive TGOLD, the in-game currency, and experience points, which affect tank power and value.

Tank Wars Zone will have various exciting gameplay modes that players can play and earn, such as PvE, PvP, World Boss Battle, Guild Wars, Tank Championship, and Battle Royale. The game also offers different battle systems and special features such as lending, garage, etc., for players to try and have fun. 

Garage is a type of in-game shop that can repair tanks and help them quickly join back for battles. The garage owners can also offer repairing service to other regular players to earn more revenue. In addition, the game will provide APIs which allow the garage owners the freedom to create their own custom design of in-game items such as flags, skin, weapons, etc. They can then mint these NFTs and sell them in the game marketplace to get more profits while creating micro-economies within the game ecosystem. 

The lending mechanics is also a special and exciting feature that allows players to rent out their tanks to other players. The tank owners can set a fixed daily rate, and whoever rents their tanks will need to make the payments whether they use the tanks or not. From a more business perspective, with this feature, a player can adopt an Uber-style of business model in which they will have a large fleet of tanks and numerous players working for them. The tank owners thus get a passive income from the rental rates they set up in advance. 

Later on, with Tank Wars Metaverse, players can acquire land by purchasing in the game marketplace or fighting monsters to obtain land plots to build different types of buildings.

Tank Wars Zone is one of the first games on Fantom blockchain and is backed and invested by the Fantom Foundation. The project was created by a team with 8+ years in the cryptocurrency market, and the founding members are the first community validators of Fantom Network, only after the founders. Tank Wars Zone has also recruited a team with extensive experience in game design and computer gaming development.  

Being on Fantom, the game will have low transaction fees and minimal confirmation time.  At Genesis, it will be launched on Fantom Network and later will be compatible with the cross-chain network.

Regarding tokenomics, there are two primary tokens in Tank Wars Zone: $WBOND and $TGOLD.

With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, $WBOND is the utility & governance token that players can get through staking, NFT trading, or special events. It is used for voting, staking, and trading NFTs.

$TGOLD is the in-game currency that can be obtained through in-game actions, farming, and trading NFTs. Without a predefined supply, $TGOLD is used for NFT trading, repair, and upgrade tanks.

At this stage, Tank Wars Zone has conducted successful seed and private investment rounds, raising $2.37M from highly reputable venture capitals and established blockchain and gaming partners. For more details, you can check the Investors & Partners section on the Tank Wars Zone website.

The team has announced an IDO token $WBOND launch to be held from January 18-22, 2022 across multiple venues:

  • MaticLaunch – January 18 – 8:30 UTC

  • GameStation – January 18 – 16:00 UTC

  • Babylons – January 20 – 12:00 UTC

  • FantomMaker – January 20 – TBA

  • GamiWorld – January 21 – 12:00 UTC

  • MEXC – January 22 – TBA

The initial market capitalization is $1,260,000 USD with the Public round vesting schedule as follows: $0.02; 50% TGE, 3-month lock-in, then 50% vesting for the fourth month.

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