The listing of NBLU is another milestone for Nuritopia, which has been building a strong community base since last year and successfully closed its 1st and 2nd private sale rounds. Besides, Nuritopia has launched several airdrop events to reward its supportive community with over 130K members.

Going live on a centralized exchange (CEX) confers a new level of reliability and trust on Nuritopia. Furthermore, offers an excellent environment for trade as it is one of the top ten exchanges in the world in terms of the trading volume.

The Launch of the Airdrop Staking Event Participants will have to stake USDT coins to earn NBLU tokens. The staked USDT coins will be returned to their owner when trading starts on 24th March. The participants will have the follows to instructions below to qualify.

Requirements for participants

  •       Participants should register on and Log in
  •       After logging in, complete user identity verification
  •       Sign the Purchase Agreement on Startup before placing orders.

All participants should ensure enough balance of supported currency for the operation.

About Nuritopia

Nuritopia is a boundless metaverse that brings together people with similar hobbies and common interests under its service “FRIENDS & HANGOUTS.” Nuritopia fuses the virtual and the real to facilitate the process of authentically forging social connections and offers an opportunity to be rewarded by participating in both real-life and fantastical activities. In Nuritopia, users will interact through avatars, and create and trade their own content, all while having fun. Additional services will be included to shape an ecosystem with unique characteristics.

Nuritopia's website and the social media pages listed below are the best sources for additional information on this new development.

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