LunaOne aims to remove the barriers to Metaverse adoption as the first decentralized virtual environment to combine business, education, and gaming together.

The XLN coin is critical to the growth of LunaOne’s metaverse ecosystem. The primary currency in the economy will be XLN, which will let players buy anything they want, including NFT products.

While originally available on Binance Smart Chain, XLN will land on the project’s in-house blockchain in the future. XLN can be purchased from the LunaOne website.

The Implementation of a Truly Decentralized System

LunaOne’s platform aims to achieve complete decentralization. Each DAO member has a say in platform development thanks to LunaOne’s governance token. LunaOne’s decentralization concept will benefit all of LunaOne’s services, including voice, text, and data.

According to the LunaOne team, one of the critical purposes of the metaverse is to enhance communication between people. The researchers developed a decentralized file storage (DFS) technique to decentralize the network further. Sharing the technology will allow LunaOne to link and store data across the metaverse.

Exploring a Realistic World

The system collaborates with companies that generate virtual and augmented reality technologies in order to develop wearable devices for the project. Customers can use these branded kits to experience LunaOne’s virtual environment and their avatar fully.

The LunaOne kit includes tracking technology that lets users see how someone’s face changes. This revolutionary technology will let users experience a comprehensive set of sensations in the metaverse on their bodies. The outfit will include haptic and tracking gloves and clothing.

Decentralized Life as an Avatar on LunaOne

In LunaOne’s districts, users can purchase virtual properties. Just like you can see the difference between your avatar and the other ones, you will notice the uniqueness of properties. The capacity to customize any property based on the assured NFT uniqueness is essential for the ecosystem’s stability.

Many variables influence the value of a home in LunaOne, such as the property’s location and its customizable extent.

To participate in quests, invite guests, and attend special events, you must possess properties first. People who use LunaOne may attend events like concerts and seminars without relying on third parties.

Users of the metaverse can sync their data to DFS and serve as storage nodes for the system using an application called a launcher. 

For a Great Project, You Need a Great Team

LunaOne encourages applicants who believe in a decentralized society to apply for roles.

Two of LunaOne’s daily objectives are resolving decentralization concerns and creating long-term virtual society technology. In this context, the superb workforce of former Fortune 500 workers at LunaOne is no surprise.

The Excitement of Mainstream Accessibility

LunaOne will be available on a variety of popular VR/AR systems and devices. The LunaOne environment, unlike prior VR/AR setups, is also cross-platform compatible.

The LunaOne team is also developing a mobile phone compatibility layer. Each month, millions of gamers log on to Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network. Since LunaOne has the broadest reach, it may be the best metaverse platform.