We can think of cryptocurrencies as digital tokens that utilize cryptography to safeguard transactions and govern the generation of new units. Central authorities do not regulate or govern these tokens, making them decentralized currencies. On the other hand, fiat currencies enjoy the backing of governments with strong financial regulation. 

While there is a growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, there is still a gap between the crypto and fiat worlds. Cryptocurrencies are not yet widely accepted as legal tender, and most transactions involving them still require fiat currencies. This disconnect can act as a barrier to the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies.

However, there are signs that this barrier is slowly collapsing. Integrity Coin is a new project wishing to create a bridge between these two worlds. This review will examine the project’s main features to benefit our readers.

Understanding the Integrity Coin Concept

Integrity Coin is a new crypto project planning to revolutionize the industry with its innovative tools and features. The team’s experienced traders and business experts plan to build the project into a household name in this industry. 

One of their top features is a revenue-sharing protocol that will give 100% of utility profits back to token holders. With this, they hope to break the dependence on buybacks and burns that most deflationary tokens use. 

The Project’s Core

Integrity Coin is a hyper-deflationary token that will gradually decrease supply, thus increasing its value. The project will have a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens.

The point of hyper-deflationary cryptocurrencies is to create a deflationary economy in which the currency’s value rises over time. This can incentivize people to save their currency rather than spend it, leading to increased economic stability. 

Additionally, because the supply of hyper-deflationary cryptocurrencies is limited, you may see them as a valuable investment opportunity. Ultimately, hyper-deflationary cryptocurrencies aim to create an economy that is less susceptible to inflationary pressures.

The team will fund the development and marketing campaigns for the project solely from the reflections it earns. This mechanism has the aim of avoiding the introduction of transaction taxes in the ecosystem.

Generating Income Automatically

When the rest of the market is shaky, the project’s auto income generator will bring steadiness. With this feature, the project will help investors withstand the crypto market volatility and produce an ever-growing stream of revenue. 

The team’s traders, coupled with an advanced bot, will invest in the FX market with the help of the project’s finances. Increasing this balance will lead to a rise in profits, which will expand exponentially. 

The team explained the long-term goals of the coin, which include having multiple accounts trading profitably and generating income. 

These accounts will have allocated uses for development, marketing, and rewarding holders. The coin aims to have a variety of sources of income, which will help it withstand challenging market conditions.

Building a Large Ecosystem

Crypto projects are working to build large ecosystems with enhanced token utility. These larger ecosystems will help to drive demand and liquidity for the tokens, providing a foundation for long-term success. 

In addition, the tokens’ enhanced utility will help create a more compelling use case for holders. The natural consequence of this action is greater adoption and value appreciation.

Integrity Coin is no exception in this field, as it proposes a comprehensive ecosystem with the following pillars:

  • Staking: Cryptocurrency staking is becoming more and more popular. This is because staking offers a way to earn passive income while also helping to secure the network.
  • Payment platform: Cryptocurrencies and fiat money can use payment platforms as a bridge. Such platforms can provide a way for people to use their fiat money to buy cryptocurrencies and vice versa. Integrity Coin’s payment platform lets you spend crypto for services and goods as you do with fiat money.
  • Cross-platform messaging: Many scammers are trying to take advantage of people by pretending to be members of popular projects.
  • Integrity Foundation: Crypto projects also aim to change the world by providing recurrent donations to charities.

A Look Into the Project’s Roadmap

Crypto projects often share roadmaps with the public to be transparent and let people know what they are working on. By sharing their roadmaps, they can also get feedback from the community and ensure they are on track.

These roadmaps also help to keep the team focused and accountable. The subsections below highlight the project’s main plans for each quarter.

Phase 1

These were the first milestones that the team completed to kick off the project:

  • Integrity Coin design: The team collected several ideas to design the way they believed this project had to work.
  • Creation of website: The Integrity Coin team created a website where users can learn more about the coin and its features. 
  • Creation of Social channels: The founders also set up social media channels where users can stay up-to-date on the project’s announcements.
  • Token development: The team created the project’s token with utilities ranging from crypto payments to staking.
  • Expanding on the core team: The founders also began expanding their core team to continue the project’s development.

Phase 2

The second phase of this roadmap is ongoing, and it features, among others, the milestones below:

  • Public token release: The public token release will happen in three stages. The first stage will be the private sale, followed by a public pre-sale. Finally, the team expects to open a public sale round for anyone interested in joining this project.
  • Advertisement campaign: The project’s team plans to increase the market traction on the Integrity Coin through an advertising strategy on multiple channels
  • Listing on PancakeSwap: The listing on PancakeSwap will represent an essential step in the mass adoption of the Integrity Coin. PancakeSwap is a viral platform in the crypto market.
  • Creation of Integrity Foundation: The Integrity Foundation will enable the team to put charity donations at the core of its mission.
  • Begin development of Messaging platform: The development of the messaging platform will aim to bring more market transparency. You will always know when a member of this team is messaging you, with no risk of falling into scams. 
  • Continual manual burning of tokens: The team will manually transfer a portion of all the tokens to a burning wallet. These coins will no longer be available since transferring tokens to a burning wallet means no one can retrieve them. As explained above, this operation aims to bring deflation into the Integrity Coin’s ecosystem.

Phase 3

The third phase will see more advanced operations, such as:

  • Continual marketing: Marketing will be an ongoing effort to keep Integrity Coin in the public eye. 
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap: In order to provide more exposure for Integrity Coin, the team will apply to list the token on CoinMarketCap. This operation will make it easier for people to find and trade Integrity Coin.
  • Begin listing on exchanges: As Integrity Coin gains popularity, the team will begin working with various exchanges to get listed. This step will give investors and traders more options for buying and selling Integrity Coin.
  • Release of staking platform: The team will also release its staking platform, allowing users to earn rewards by holding coins in their wallets. 

Phase 4

The year will end with the fourth phase in this roadmap, where we can find the following tasks:

  • Phased release of Payment platform: The team will release the payment platform in phases to ensure the highest quality of the tool. 
  • Release of Messaging platform: Integrity Coin will conclude the development operations of the messaging platform and launch it on the market.
  • Update roadmap for 2023: The team will update the roadmap for 2023 to reflect the latest developments and update the community on new milestones.

Key Takeaways

The Integrity Coin team has created an impressive roadmap with clear milestones and objectives. The project is still in its early stages, but the team has already achieved several significant milestones. 

As phase 2 progresses, we can expect even more exciting developments from this project. If you’re interested in learning more about Integrity Coin or want to follow its progress, check out the links below.

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