indu4.0 is a project that aims to change the manufacturing business by bringing it into the digital world. The team behind this project has ambitious goals. This is evident when looking at the roadmap of what they plan to do to make their product successful. 

Through this review, we will have the chance to analyze the team’s mission and the platform’s features. We will also look at the project’s native cryptocurrency and explore the team’s roadmap.

What Is indu4.0?

indu4.0 is a new project that aims to change the world’s largest sector: the manufacturing industry. The project came from the need for an efficient way to bring together manufacturers and suppliers of products and services. 

A digital B2B marketplace that is scalable worldwide is what indu4.0 stands for. It offers a sophisticated filter system that allows users to quickly find what they are looking for. The company’s headquarters are in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The manufacturing industry is worth trillions of dollars and employs millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, it is also an industry plagued by inefficiencies. indu4.0 seeks to change that by making it easier for manufacturers and suppliers to connect with each other.

Helping the Two Sides of the Manufacturing Market

indu4.0 wishes to help the two sides of the manufacturing market: the suppliers and the purchasers. As the team explained, the advantages for both can be enormous.

For suppliers, indu4.0 offers a structured way to formulate their service portfolio. Moreover, the team mentioned a sophisticated filter system that standardizes the input and output. This way, the supplier can be sure that they will receive inquiries that match their specific offer. 

In addition, the blockchain technology used by indu4.0 offers a secure way to exchange data among each other.

As for the purchaser, indu4.0 provides an easy and quick way to search for suppliers. The standardized terms and filter steps offer the purchaser an accurate supplier list for the services they are looking for.

The Platform’s Features

indu4.0 offers a platform that allows suppliers and purchasers to interact more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Some of the features of the platform include: 

  • Purchaser: 
    • The ability to use the platform without logging in
    • Full utilization of search functions
    • Receiving detailed information about suppliers
    • Saving search queries
    • Being automatically informed about news
    • Being able to send offer requests directly to selected suppliers with just a few clicks. 
  • Supplier: 
    • The ability to create a user account for free
    • The chance to enter up to two competencies within the company profile for free
    • A subscription to let the user enter more competencies. 
    • The possibility to see all offer requests from purchasers. 

It is also possible to place advertisements on the indu4.0 platform or visit trade fairs and events in the Metaverse

Finally, this project chose to introduce a loyalty program in its ecosystem. Long-term customers will receive INDU tokens as a reward for actions taken on the indu4.0 platform.

The INDU Token Design

Many crypto projects choose to launch their native cryptocurrencies on the market. This is because a cryptocurrency provides the project with a way to raise funds and decentralize power. INDU, this project’s token, has several features and use cases, as we explain below.

The Tokenomics of the Project

The INDU token is a payment token representing the fuel of the indu4.0 platform. Specifically, people can use these coins to pay for services such as advertising and receiving exclusive manufacturing industry reports. 

In addition, the INDU token lets you participate in trade shows and events organized in the Metaverse.

Thanks to NFT technology, the platform allows to securely trade of sensitive and proprietary data. This team expects to use the NFT INDU token to verify the owner of the various files.

The team will divide the INDU’s total supply as follows: 

  • Presale (14%): Selling a token in a public presale is vital to raise awareness about the project and funds to support it. 
  • Private sale (4%): Many projects use the private sale strategy to ensure that a community of passionate and committed individuals backs the team.
  • Public sale (19%): Public sales in the crypto industry are becoming increasingly popular as a way to fundraise. 
  • Advisors and partners (8%): The project chose to reserve some of the tokens for its advisors and partners. This operation typically serves to thank them for their time, energy, and resources invested in the project. 
  • PR and marketing (18%): Funding a go-to-market strategy is fundamental for the success of any project. 
  • Team and founders (10%): The team and founders put a lot of effort into the project and will have a reward for it.
  • Platform operations and development (18%): The platform will use a part of the tokens to finance its operations and development. This is fundamental to ensuring the long-term success of the project.
  • Reserves (9%): The project has set aside a percentage of tokens in a reserve fund to support unexpected expenses or future opportunities. 

The Token Sale Strategy

This project divided its sale strategy into three rounds:

  1. A private sale round is open to those who signed the SAFT Agreement and filled out a specific application. In this step, the project introduced a KYC verification procedure too.
  2. The first public sale round (or “presale”) is open to anyone with a KYC. 
  3. The second public sale round is open to anyone with a KYC but with an enhanced maximum purchase limit.

Each round’s prices and sale dates will be available on the project’s website. For example, the upcoming presale round will begin on September 30th. 

The project accepts BTC, ETH, BNB, EUR, and CHF during the ICO. However, in the private sale, they will only accept cryptocurrencies. The hard cap is equal to €16.5 million. 

The team plans to use the funds to expand the development team. Moreover, this money will enable the project to cover marketing expenses and pay for infrastructure and office costs. 

A Look at the Project’s Roadmap

The project’s roadmap reflects the high ambitions of this project. Here are some of the milestones that the team shared with the public:

  • Initial steps: Establishment of indu4.0, development of a brand
  • Preliminary phase: Competitor analysis, determine MVP, evaluate development partners
  • Development phase: Start development, create platform design
  • Getting Ready to Launch: Finalize MVP, attract partners, build community, backend for INDU Token, presale of INDU Token
  • Official Launch: Launch of the indu4.0 platform and issuance of INDU token, which will occur by the end of 2022. 

As you can see, the team is planning to pull out all the stops to ensure their product is successful. From building a solid community to launching an aggressive marketing campaign, they are leaving no stone unturned. 

Key Takeaways

indu4.0 is an ambitious initiative. The team has a clear roadmap of what they plan to do to make their product successful. Furthermore, they are working to ensure that their project is well-funded and has a strong community backing it. 

The manufacturing industry is vast, and this could have a massive impact on how the global economy works. Only time will tell if this team can achieve its lofty goals, but it is undoubtedly an initiative worth watching.

If you’re interested in this project and want to participate in its token sale, visit the indu4.0 website. Moreover, the team employs its social media pages below to keep in touch with the community and share important information.

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