Enigmatic Smile, a Reward Technology Facilitator, has onboarded former Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni as its brand ambassador for India. The firm’s technology; recently launched in India, seamlessly links rewards offered by brands, banks and retailers to consumers’ payment cards via its identity layer — Single.id.


Enigmatic Smile is simplifying the loyalty-rewards space; linking consumers’ payment cards to retailer offers with a single sign-on, and automating “the rewards collection” process.

“Anyone who has ever launched a new product or service, especially when it involves strict compliance, security and safety standards, knows that cool headedness and high integrity are paramount.  As Captain Cool, MS Dhoni embodies these two qualities, as well as those of loyalty and reliability. This is why we approached him to represent our brand in India. We are delighted to have him on board and look forward to a long and fruitful association,” said BishSmeir, CEO, Enigmatic Smile.

MS Dhoni said, “I am delighted to represent EnigmaticSmile and Single.id as their exclusive brand ambassador for the rewards space in India. As they launch “India’s largest rewards economy,” Enigmatic Smile promises to improve the lives of millions of Indian people by helpingthem “Link their cards once. Collect rewards forever.”

That promise is a simple vow which resonates with me, and one I can stand behind. I wish EnigmaticSmile, all connected retailers, reward programmes, offer publishers and consumersevery success as we launch this great, and rewarding project together.”

Pinelabs,Innovitiand NDTV have already partnered with Enigmatic Smile, enabling all their connected retailers to benefit from the brand new Single.id card-linked solution.

The full marketing might of all connected reward programmes and publishers becomes an ally for all connected retailers, ensuring maximum distribution of their offers is achieved.

NDTV, one of India’s largest publishers is now promoting participating retailers in their all new NDTVBig Bonus app.

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