Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – On the evening of September 25th, the 'Discovering the Crypto World' offline meet-up, hosted by CoinW, was held at the Le Meridien Saigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Notable local Vietnamese partners, institutions, and KOLs, including Coin98 and HC Capital attended. CoinW also signed collaboration agreements with six local Vietnamese communities and KOLs, aiming to drive growth in the Vietnamese market.

The head of CoinW's Vietnam region highlighted CoinW's ecosystem, business advantages, competitive agent system, and benefits. He pointed out that since the launch of CoinW's copy trading feature in August 2022, its user-friendly platform and stable returns have made it the first choice for many novice users entering the cryptocurrency market.

Additionally, CoinW traders can enjoy up to a 70% commission rebate on futures trading fees, settled automatically in USDT daily. This has attracted the most experienced cryptocurrency investors and traditional financial analysts worldwide, turning them into competent traders. According to publicly available data, CoinW's top traders have achieved an impressive ROI of up to 134%.

CoinW has been deeply involved in the local Vietnamese market, signing collaboration agreements with six of the most influential local communities and KOLs, including TradeCoinVN and Kiến Thức Crypto9x. This collaboration will involve outstanding local Vietnamese traders joining CoinW as competent traders and hosting live streams, among other activities.

CoinW entered the Vietnamese market in early 2022 and established a localized operation center in Vietnam. Over the past two years, CoinW has teamed up with an increasing number of well-known Vietnamese KOLs to provide convenient and secure localized digital asset trading services to Vietnamese users. In October 2022, CoinW made its debut at Vietnam Blockchain Week, and by the end of November, it hosted its inaugural offline meet-up in Vietnam.

The head of CoinW's Vietnam region emphasized, ”Through offline interactions with the local community and KOLs in Vietnam, we hope to further deepen our presence in the Vietnamese market, making Vietnam a key stop in CoinW's global expansion. In the future, we will hold ongoing meetups in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, establish training centers, organize uni tours, host trading competitions, and expand the local market through excellent partners.”