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PEPE and WIF Jump 50%, Putting Ethereum and Solana Meme Coins in Focus

PEPE tokens were up as much as 51% in the past 24 hours as some traders considered the meme tokens as an Ethereum...

Seeking Yield on $37M Ethereum (ETH) Treasury, JPEG’d DAO Mulls Airdrop Farming

So-called PIP-85 could see JPEG'd DAO utilize nearly $19 million worth of ETH tokens on EigenLayer and Blast, two of the most popular...

Play-to-Earn Will Make the Pie Bigger

Despite being ostracized by the broader gaming community, financially-motivated players could unlock remarkable growth in both gaming and crypto, says Leah Callon-Butler. Source link...

JP Morgan Says Bitcoin Price Will Correct After Halving, Here’s The Target

Analysts from JP Morgan, an American multinational financial corporation, have disclosed the potential for a significant price correction in Bitcoin, predicting that the...