Bitget Wallet (formerly BitKeep Wallet) has announced the launch of a two-week Base mainnet interaction event featuring a total prize pool of $10,000. The event, which is scheduled to run from September 26th to October 10th, will reward users for completing tasks related to the Base mainnet using their Bitget Wallet, such as holding assets, engaging in Swap transactions, and interacting with DApps. Additionally, Bitget Wallet has also partnered with T2T2, a SocialFi project on the Base mainnet, to introduce an exclusive airdrop event. Users who download and log in to the T2T2 app using their Bitget Wallet are eligible to mint an initial Key NFT for free and share 500,000 T-Points in airdrops.

This event aims to support the development of the Base ecosystem, guiding users in interacting with the Base mainnet and capturing value during the early development stages, as well as providing diverse opportunities for users to experience all that Base has to offer.

As a widely popular Web3 multi-chain wallet among global users, Bitget Wallet has been an active follower and supporter of the development of the Base mainnet ecosystem. Following the successful launch of the Base mainnet, Bitget Wallet took expedient steps in integrating it, providing comprehensive support such as token management and transfer, Swap interaction, Candlestick chart viewing, NFT displays, DApp interaction, and more. 

In line with Bitget Wallet's new brand vision of "Faster Trading, Better Assets", the brand is committed to offering robust product and service support for users exploring the Base mainnet, assisting them in their journey to discover invaluable opportunities within this new ecosystem.


The Bitget Wallet team has stated that following the Total Value Locked (TVL) of Base has since surged following its successful launch, currently reaching $357 million. Leveraging Coinbase's strong influence and traffic advantages, Base has emerged as a prominent player in the Layer2 sector, exhibiting outstanding on-chain activity and attracting a large number of ecosystem partners.

Moving forward, Bitget Wallet will continue to pay close attention to the Base mainnet and ecosystem, providing even more expansive products and features for users to explore all that Base has to offer.

Bitget Wallet supports over 90 blockchains and various emerging chains, and integrates important interaction features such as testnet airdrop claims, candlestick chart data, Swap transactions, DApp browsing, token and NFT displays. Bitget Wallet continues to connect users from all corners of the Web3 world, making it seamless for users to capitalize on opportunities on popular mainnets. In the future, Bitget Wallet will maintain its position in exploring further possibilities of collaboration with more ecosystems in the future to bring the limitless potential of Web3 closer to its users.  


About Bitget Wallet

Recently rebranded from BitKeep Wallet, Bitget Wallet is a leading all-in-one decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that integrates an array of important features such as wallet management, Swap trading, ETH staking, NFT Marketplace, DApp browser, Launchpad, and more – right within one single platform.  Bitget Wallet is available across three platforms: mobile app, browser extension, and web interface, and supports over 90 blockchains. In line with its vision of "Faster Trading, Better Assets", Bitget Wallet aims to provide users with an unparalleled Web3 trading experience with expedient transactions and better asset discovery. Since its establishment in May 2018, Bitget Wallet has built up a global userbase of 12 million, spanning 168 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia. It is also the largest decentralized multi-chain wallet in Asia.

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