The DeFi sector is witnessing a surge in growth, with its total market value approaching $50 billion, creating new prospects for developers and investors alike. Despite the potential for high returns, the volatility of cryptocurrencies and the complexities of DeFi systems don’t make managing assets easier.

Array offers a solution, presenting a cutting-edge decentralized management system based on algorithmic currency. This innovative technology provides precision and control never seen in the finance world, offering a more secure and efficient way to manage your digital holdings.

The protocol is set to launch in the first quarter soon, and as for now, the only way to join the platform is through the purchase of Genesis PassCard NFT on the crypto exchange. By holding a Genesis card, you can take part in ArrayVerse and have first access to 100% lottery rights and potential token airdrops.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this project and discuss how it can revolutionize the DeFi sector. 

Array's Tokenomics: $ARA 

Array's native token, $ARA, is the key to unlocking the platform's full potential. The primary focus 

$ARA features two prices: a floor price and a market price. When investing in $ARA, 90% of the funds automatically go towards bolstering the floor price and 10% towards the free-trade market.

The token operates via an AI-powered smart contract, allowing the platform to adjust the floor price dynamically in response to market conditions. This unique system ensures that Array users are protected against "pump and dump" schemes and provides stability to the token.

$ARA is a game-changer compared to traditional stablecoins, offering a more secure and dynamic investment option. Unlike other stablecoins that limit growth, $ARA remains steady while providing the potential for upwards price action. Its actual value lies in its utility within the Array ecosystem.

Array's Ecosystem

Array's ecosystem is where the platform truly shines.

Users will be automatically allocated 25% of USDR after purchasing $ARA. With $USDR, users can then invest directly into the DEGA (Decentralized Gaming Alliance), the core of Array's ecosystem and a Dapp aggregation platform.

The DEGA offers a range of exciting opportunities, including:

  1. Dapp Acceleration: DEGA provides startups with a launchpad to bring their ideas to life and reach a wider audience.

  1. Network of Dapp Creators: DEGA offers an application-based aggregation for DeFi creators and enthusiasts, providing a platform to collaborate, exchange ideas and drive innovation in the DeFi space.

  1. Increased Traffic: By connecting to the DEGA platform, startups can access additional traffic, which can help improve their reach.

  1. L3 Solutions: DEGA offers access to a suite of L3 solutions, which can help optimize DeFi products and improve their functionality.

Array doesn't plan on stopping there, as the team is already developing new add-ons and earning options to the ecosystem, such as ArrayVerse and $ARA staking. 

Why Array?

The Array team prioritizes trust and stability in their approach to currency issuance. They implement a fixed monetary policy and control coin issuance using a Bonding Curve mathematical model, preserving the value and confidence of the community. The Array contract operates with transparency, with 90% of user assets invested directly in the contract and 10% in a liquidity pool for price discovery and free trading.

The hard reserve price of the currency adjusts using algorithms to keep pace with the appreciating market price, reducing the risk of price fluctuations. The Array protocol is designed to stabilize prices through algorithmic incentives and prevent excessive growth. It aims to provide fair value for all holders, regardless of when they join the community. The reserve price of the currency increases over time, ensuring equal profits for both early and new holders. This approach ensures a sustainable and fair appreciation of the currency, without allowing for price pumps or crashes. The Array currency design prioritizes treating all members of the community equally, avoiding the unequal distribution of profits seen in some pre-stable projects. By maintaining transparency, a stable monetary policy, and a fair value for all holders, Array strives to build a strong foundation for its community and currency.

Experience the benefits of transparency, innovation, and security in the world of DeFi with this cutting-edge technology today! 

About Array

Array is an omni-chain protocol for application-oriented decentralized asset management, dedicated to building a next-generation algorithmic currency system. Array redefines the potential of algorithmic currency by simplifying the complex steps of application interaction. Array believes that growth should be endless, market-driven, and at the same time smooth and serene.

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