Since opening its doors in 2014, E11EVEN Miami has become the world’s hottest nightclub and the ultimate playground for the stars. Every weekend is a “who’s who” of celebrities, music industry legends, world-renowned DJs, and entertainment moguls. In 2019, the landmark destination established itself as the highest-grossing nightclub per square foot globally, further cementing its presence as one of the most sought-after clubs in the world.E11EVEN evolved from nightlife into lifestyle with the launch of E11EVEN Hotel & Residences, E11EVEN Vodka, E11EVEN Life apparel, and a major restaurant to be announced later this year.The E11EVEN name is already well known in the crypto world. In April 2021, E11EVEN Miami became the first major nightclub in the United States to accept cryptocurrency and has since processed over $5 Million in transactions. In June 2021, E11EVEN Hotel & Residences became the first IRL real estate in the world to accept $APE and other cryptocurrencies as payment. In December 2021, E11EVEN got into the NFT space when they purchased Bored Ape #11… and now – in another first – they are disrupting and reimagining the entertainment landscape with the creation of E11EVEN Crypto and their inaugural offering: the 11 Captain’s Club NFT genesis collection. E11EVEN has partnered up with Horizen Labs ($APE) and several of the biggest names in the industry to create an exclusive NFT collection which drops on May 25. The 11 Captain’s Club is unique because it is a utility-filled token-gated passport to the entire E11EVEN ecosystem with real-world benefits: IRL meets URL. The genesis collection is an exclusive series of 1,111 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, featuring artwork inspired by E11EVEN’s coveted hats, for 3 ETH each. In addition to Web3 utility, the concentrated collection focuses on the importance and exclusivity that comes with being a Captain and its IRL utilities including first-access to all E11EVEN NFT projects and partnerships, priority pass to exclusive IRL events across the entire E11EVEN ecosystem, Captains-Only events, access to member-only areas of the Discord, and limited-edition product releases including E11EVEN apparel, vodka and more. Additional utilities are already underway.With the support of major web3 influencers, developers, celebrities, and business leaders, E11EVEN Crypto is eager to explore its broader digital future into the next decade.Get your spot on the 11 Captain’s Club Allow-list with this secret link ( for an opportunity to mint on May 24 before the public sale on May 25. Follow 11 Captain’s Club on Twitter and Discord and visit to mint. Welcome to Non-Fungible Nightlife™.